30 October

View from the sea: amazing Iron Destiny vessel

Beautiful view from the sea to the ship of our Iron Destiny clients:

25 October

Interesting: northern sea route

The Northeast Passage (NEP) has been cropping up in the international and maritime news for a while now. The theme is that NEP is the shortest route from Asian to European ports; and with Arctic ice thawing it becomes navigable all year round. However, the industry leaders rebuff to use it one by one. In […]

22 October

Readiness for Sulphur Cap 2020: alternative ship fuels

IMO Sulphur Cap 2020 is drawing ever closer; and it is already apparent that transition from 3.5% sulphur content to 0.5% will not be a plain sailing all over the world and is definitely going to  add some job to seafarers. However, it is imminent now; and Edmund Hughes, Head of Air Pollution and Energy […]

18 October

Important: Ensuring containers safety on board container ships

Uwe-Peter Schieder, Loss Prevention Manager at GDV (German Insurance Association – Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft) and Vice-Chair of IUMI’s Loss Prevention Committee, provides his comment on securing containers on deck of a container ship. Mr. Schieder says that there are six different motions in which vessels move in the sea, with the main of them […]

15 October

What do you need to know about the Suez Canal?

The Suez Canal is an all-water canal in Egypt that connects the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. The channel zone is considered a conditional border between the two continents, Africa and Eurasia. The shortest waterway between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean – the Atlantic Ocean (the alternative route is 8 thousand km longer).The Suez Canal was […]

11 October

Interesting: the most significant and loaded seaports of the world

Сегодня мы сосредоточим свое внимание на самых продуктивных «морских воротах» мира, в которых ежедневно происходит перевалка, прибытие и отплытие просто гигантского количества кораблей и грузов. Глядя на количество обрабатываемых ими двадцатифутовых эквивалентов (так называемые TEU – от англ. twenty-foot equivalent unit), впору по-настоящему восхититься. И в данный ТОП войдут именно такие порты – самые значимые, […]