16 December

Know more: Scavenge Space Inspections

Scavenge Space Inspections. Impove your knowledges with us:  

13 December

Interesting: How are Containers Loaded?

Let’s now more about  cargo operaions on Container ship🛳👇

11 December

Did you know? Ships and technology for offshore diamond mining in the ocean

The development of oil and gas fields in the coastal (offshore) zone has not surprised anyone for a long time. In addition, as an extremely profitable event, the extraction of fossil fuels attracts the best minds and technologies around the world. However, a few years ago, another lucrative industry joined the development of the shelf; […]

06 December

Important: new tools help companies reduce emissions in freight transport

Smart Freight Centre and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) released the Smart Freight Procurement (SFP) Guidelines, and BSR released the Sustainable Freight Procurement (SFP) Framework. These tools seek to enable organizations to reduce GHG emissions and air pollutants through their freight transport. Read more

04 December

Seaspan: the first Shiphandling Course был проведен в Одессе

The first Shiphandling Course was held in Odessa at Training Centre “Unitrain”🛳⚓️ Training was conducted by Capt.James Dias, Capt.Pyshnyy, Capt. Kovalchuk. Thanks everyone for attendance!

29 November

Electronic Charts ECDIS

ECDIS – Electronic Chart Display & Information System – based on the use and display of digital cartographic and navigation and hydrographic information in the form of electronic maps. They are promising integrated information systems designed to solve a complex of navigation problems, automate the navigator’s work and improve navigation navigation safety. Read more