23 November

Technologies that will change the future of shipping

Not long ago, UNCTAD published its traditional annual review of the maritime industry Review of Maritime Transport 2018, which contains in-depth internal analysis of shipping over the past year and a fairly accurate forecast for the next few years. According to experts, the shipping industry shows good results. In 2017, the increase was 4%, and the […]

19 November

Interesting: by 2033 the deadweight of the world merchant fleet will be 3 billion tons

For 13 years, the total tonnage of ships has doubled and this is not the limit. In 2006, the global merchant navy reached a billion dwt. To date, the deadweight of the world merchant fleet has passed the mark of two billion. And by 2033, three billion are predicted, but if the growth rate is […]

16 November

Did you know? Ships and technology for offshore diamond mining in the ocean

The development of oil and gas fields in the coastal (offshore) zone has not surprised anyone for a long time. In addition, as an extremely profitable event, the extraction of fossil fuels attracts the best minds and technologies around the world. However, a few years ago, another lucrative industry joined the development of the shelf; […]

08 July


Dear seafarers! We are pleased to announce that we have open vanacies for many positions and vessels of various types. Fill out our application form online on our website or send your application form to the email:

10 June

Нужно знать: Своевременная эвакуация спасла жизнь моряку

Своевременная эвакуация спасла жизнь моряку Береговая охрана США при содействии ВМФ США оперативно эвакуировали моряка компании Prime Tanker Management и спасли ему жизнь. Танкер ARCTIC FLOUNDER, принадлежащий нашим партнёрам, компании Prime Tanker Management, находился примерно в 650 км от побережья Вирджинии, когда у одного из членов экипажа были диагностированы признаки инсульта. Капитан судна немедленно уведомил […]

05 June

Sea drones: a toy or the technology of the future

The crew of the average merchant vessel of the year in commercial production in 1860 is about 250 people. In 1880 there were about 140 people. By 1900, when steamships forced out the sailboats, it finally fell to 100 people. The crew of the diesel commercial vessel in the middle of the 20th century is […]