27 August

Need to see: 30 days of beauty and temptation of the sea

Stunningly beautiful route from the Red Sea – Gulf of Aden – Indian Ocean – Colombo – Strait of Malacca – Singapore – Southeast China Sea – Hong Kong:

23 August

Interesting: the largest ships in the world today

The development of shipbuilding technologies is subordinated to the commercial interests of the marine industry. Every year, larger and larger vessels are built. Every sailor would like to get a job at sea on a new and illustrious ship, or at least look at the largest ships in the world to see engineers tame the […]

20 August

World ports: global port construction and reconstruction projects

The global port construction market is recovering from the recession, many projects are under development and implementation. As in many other industries, the global recession had a negative impact on the seaport construction market, the construction of new ports and terminals and the reconstruction of old ones were delayed or even canceled due to a […]

16 August

What a beauty: m/v Seaspan Hamburg living the port

12 August

Job for Masters on the shore!

09 August

Autonomous shipping: surrounding issues

For autonomous shipping to gain regulatory and societal acceptance, this technology must be at least as safe as traditional ships, said the UK P&I Club in a new paper. A successful approach to change would be to develop regulations in tandem with technological advancements, always maintaining the focus on the safety of people and property […]