05 June

Seaspan Odessa Officers Forum 2019

On June 3-4, Seaspan Forum was held, which is the world leader in the field of ship management. With Seaspan, we have been cooperating for more than 10 years, which is an indicator of the stability of our cooperation. The forum was attended by more than 140 sailors, representatives of our company, and the speakers […]

02 June

Seaspan Football Competition 2019

Seaspan Football Competition 2019 was held on 2nd of June.

31 May

Interesting: by 2033 the deadweight of the world merchant fleet will be 3 billion tons

For 13 years, the total tonnage of ships has doubled and this is not the limit. In 2006, the global merchant navy reached a billion dwt. To date, the deadweight of the world merchant fleet has passed the mark of two billion. And by 2033, three billion are predicted, but if the growth rate is […]

28 May

3-4 June: Seaspan Odessa Officers Forum 2019

The Seaspan Odessa Officers Forum 2019 will be held on June 3-4, and while we are anticipating this event, we want to remind you of the forum 2018.

24 May

Bridge Procedures: What to do in case of ECDIS system failure

It’s a fact, that ECDIS is becoming necessary and more vessels are relying wholly on it, bringing up concerns regarding OOW’s actions in the case of a failure on ECDIS system. The kind and number of failures vary from a single unit failure that may require the system’s reboot to a double failure on both […]

21 May

Electronic control system of MAN-B&W

The beginning of work on electronic control systems of two-stroke low-speed engines dates back to 1991, in 2003 the first 7SC50ME-C and 6SC70ME-C engines with electronic control were built and installed on tankers. The company was primarily developed and laid the basis for the electronic system software. Read more