27 December

How to make a correct application form?

Today  you can find many articles that give advice on writing a resume and almost all of them agree on one thing: there is no universal template, each industry has its own characteristics and has very specific requirements for this document. Moreover, a CV (CV) needs to be edited depending on the company to which […]

24 December

Panama Canal: 7 amazing facts

The Panama Canal–  a navigable canal connecting the Gulf of Panama with the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, is located on the Isthmus of Panama in the state of Panama. The 50-kilometer canal created an important shortcut for ships: after the canal was built, the path between New York and California became noticeably shorter, […]

20 December

Bridge Procedures: What to do in case of ECDIS system failure

It’s a fact, that ECDIS is becoming necessary and more vessels are relying wholly on it, bringing up concerns regarding OOW’s actions in the case of a failure on ECDIS system. The kind and number of failures vary from a single unit failure that may require the system’s reboot to a double failure on both […]

16 December

Know more: Scavenge Space Inspections

Scavenge Space Inspections. Impove your knowledges with us:  

13 December

Interesting: How are Containers Loaded?

Let’s now more about  cargo operaions on Container ship🛳👇

11 December

Did you know? Ships and technology for offshore diamond mining in the ocean

The development of oil and gas fields in the coastal (offshore) zone has not surprised anyone for a long time. In addition, as an extremely profitable event, the extraction of fossil fuels attracts the best minds and technologies around the world. However, a few years ago, another lucrative industry joined the development of the shelf; […]