20 September

Our Clients: Bahri places debut VLCC order at giant new IMI yard

Investor Hyundai Heavy Industries will build first ship in South Korea as part of knowledge swap with Gulf facility. Know more

17 September

New horizons for engine specialists: KONGSBERG Marine Simulator

KONGSBERG Marine Simulator K-SIM ENG.-L11ME-SCC, version is already with us! How the training is held? We have prepared a visual video for you: The KONGSBERG simulator is able to train junior engineers in basic operations in the engine room, senior emergency and troubleshooting engineers, and train senior employees in optimal operations during operations in […]

13 September

Important: new tools help companies reduce emissions in freight transport

Smart Freight Centre and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) released the Smart Freight Procurement (SFP) Guidelines, and BSR released the Sustainable Freight Procurement (SFP) Framework. These tools seek to enable organizations to reduce GHG emissions and air pollutants through their freight transport. Read more

10 September

Risks of using electronic charts ECDIS

During the SAFETY4SEA Conference & Awards conference, a presentation about the risks of using electronic charts systems and the incorrect use of  ECDIS was presented . Every year, more and more ships equipped with electronic navigational charts as the main means of navigation that came to replace the paper cards The presentation considered three cases […]

06 September

Important: Enclosed Space Hazard Entry Awareness

Presenting your respect visually about entering into a closed primitive

03 September

Bridge Procedures: What to do in case of ECDIS system failure

It’s a fact, that ECDIS is becoming necessary and more vessels are relying wholly on it, bringing up concerns regarding OOW’s actions in the case of a failure on ECDIS system. The kind and number of failures vary from a single unit failure that may require the system’s reboot to a double failure on both […]