16 July


Our Vessel, M/T Flagship Privet was involved in a MOB Rescue operation on 05/07/2019. Below are the Statement of Facts for the MOB recovery:19:05 – Received distress alert via VHF MAYDAY MOB. Deviated from the passage and proceeded for SAR. 20:50 – Person in the water was visually identified. Threw a buoy with light. Start […]

12 July

Top News of Container Shipping

A lot of interesting things are happening in the world of container shipping now: digitalization unites the largest players in container shipping and already affects the lives of ordinary seafarers. Work at sea will change forever thanks to the emergence of autonomous vessels; And right now in the Panama Canal are new navigation records. The […]

08 July

Seaspan Activity: Paintball

Seaspan Paintball Competition was held on 5th of July. We would like to share some photos:  

05 July

Sea drones: a toy or the technology of the future

The crew of the average merchant vessel of the year in commercial production in 1860 is about 250 people. In 1880 there were about 140 people. By 1900, when steamships forced out the sailboats, it finally fell to 100 people. The crew of the diesel commercial vessel in the middle of the 20th century is […]

02 July

Interesting: Electronic fuel supply control system

Engine manufacturers have long sought to create such an engine management system that would provide flexibility in controlling the fuel supply and valve timing.This would allow them to be optimized for each specific job in order to achieve high efficiency in a wide range of loads and speeds, reduce emissions of harmful exhaust components, etc. […]

27 June

Technologies that will change the future of shipping

Not long ago, UNCTAD published its traditional annual review of the maritime industry Review of Maritime Transport 2018, which contains in-depth internal analysis of shipping over the past year and a fairly accurate forecast for the next few years. According to experts, the shipping industry shows good results. In 2017, the increase was 4%, and the […]