31 October

Dynamic Positioning System

Dynamic positioning (DP) is a computer-controlled system to automatically maintain a vessel’s position and heading by using its own propellers and thrusters. Position reference sensors, combined with wind sensors, motion sensors and gyrocompasses, provide information to the computer pertaining to the vessel’s position and the magnitude and direction of environmental forces affecting its position. Examples of vessel types […]

29 October

Electronic fuel supply control system

Engine manufacturers have long sought to create such an engine management system that would provide flexibility in controlling the fuel supply and valve timing.This would allow them to be optimized for each specific job in order to achieve high efficiency in a wide range of loads and speeds, reduce emissions of harmful exhaust components, etc. […]

26 October

Electronic control system of MAN-B&W

The beginning of work on electronic control systems of two-stroke low-speed engines dates back to 1991, in 2003 the first 7SC50ME-C and 6SC70ME-C engines with electronic control were built and installed on tankers. The company was primarily developed and laid the basis for the electronic system software. Read more

22 October

Risks of using electronic charts ECDIS

During the SAFETY4SEA Conference & Awards conference, a presentation about the risks of using electronic charts systems and the incorrect use of  ECDIS was presented . Every year, more and more ships equipped with electronic navigational charts as the main means of navigation that came to replace the paper cards The presentation considered three cases […]

19 October

18-19 October: Fuyo Safety Seminar

Our company has been cooperating with the Japanese company “Fuyo Kaiun”, which is a reliable partner for us, for over 10 years. The main goal of the company is to provide high quality services in order to occupy a leading position in their niche. This year we were visited by company representatives for the seminar. […]

17 October

How to make a correct application form?

Today  you can find many articles that give advice on writing a resume and almost all of them agree on one thing: there is no universal template, each industry has its own characteristics and has very specific requirements for this document. Moreover, a CV (CV) needs to be edited depending on the company to which […]