18 October

Important: Ensuring containers safety on board container ships

Uwe-Peter Schieder, Loss Prevention Manager at GDV (German Insurance Association – Gesamtverband der Deutschen Versicherungswirtschaft) and Vice-Chair of IUMI’s Loss Prevention Committee, provides his comment on securing containers on deck of a container ship. Mr. Schieder says that there are six different motions in which vessels move in the sea, with the main of them […]

15 October

What do you need to know about the Suez Canal?

The Suez Canal is an all-water canal in Egypt that connects the Mediterranean and the Red Sea. The channel zone is considered a conditional border between the two continents, Africa and Eurasia. The shortest waterway between the Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean – the Atlantic Ocean (the alternative route is 8 thousand km longer).The Suez Canal was […]

11 October

Interesting: the most significant and loaded seaports of the world

Сегодня мы сосредоточим свое внимание на самых продуктивных «морских воротах» мира, в которых ежедневно происходит перевалка, прибытие и отплытие просто гигантского количества кораблей и грузов. Глядя на количество обрабатываемых ими двадцатифутовых эквивалентов (так называемые TEU – от англ. twenty-foot equivalent unit), впору по-настоящему восхититься. И в данный ТОП войдут именно такие порты – самые значимые, […]

09 October

Electronic control system of MAN-B&W

The beginning of work on electronic control systems of two-stroke low-speed engines dates back to 1991, in 2003 the first 7SC50ME-C and 6SC70ME-C engines with electronic control were built and installed on tankers. The company was primarily developed and laid the basis for the electronic system software. Read more

04 October

2-4 October: PMM Officers Conference 2019

From October 2 to 4, a saturated and informative seminar was held for the officers of the PMM with the participation of more than 50 sailors, representatives of the PMM and Univis companies.  

03 October

2-3 October: Fuyo Safety Seminar

On October 2-3, Fuyo Safety Seminar was held. Safety on board is the most relevant and important topic of all time. We are pleased that our shipowners pay such close attention to this issue and regularly conduct training for sailors on the latest techniques. A representative of the Fuyo Kaiun company flew to Odessa specially […]