19 November

Interesting: by 2033 the deadweight of the world merchant fleet will be 3 billion tons

For 13 years, the total tonnage of ships has doubled and this is not the limit. In 2006, the global merchant navy reached a billion dwt. To date, the deadweight of the world merchant fleet has passed the mark of two billion. And by 2033, three billion are predicted, but if the growth rate is 3%. As experts specify, such indicators have been achieved thanks to bulk carriers. They accounted for 50% of the total increase. Today: the total deadweight of the bulk carriers is 848 million tons, which is 50% of the total increase; tankers – 27%; container ships – about 15%. According to experts, the reason for the increase in the tonnage of the merchant fleet is not only the increase in the number of vessels, but also the ships themselves are getting bigger and heavier.