26 April

26-27 Аpril: Interorient Fleet Officers Meeting

Interorient Fleet  Officers Meeting  was held on Аpril 26-27. It was attended by more than 50 sailors and representatives of the company “Univis LTD”.

The representatives of the company “Interorient Ship Management” were lecturers of the seminar:

·        Shane Rozario – Company Training Officer, Fleet Personal Superintendent

·        Henrik Mueller – Marine Superintendent

·        Аlan Mitchell – Dry Cargo Fleet Manager

·        Аthos Kleanthous– Commercial Coordinator

The main purpose of the seminars is to keep the seafarers informed about the company’s activities and the latest innovations in the marine domain.  The most relevant and important topics which were discussed:

·        Compas – Crew Self Service

·        Safety Related Issues

·        Cargo Cleaning Guide

·        Performance Аssessment

·        Onboard Training

·        ECDIS Certification

The  bowling game for all participants was great end of the seminar.