21 September

21-22 September: The company “Interorient Ship Management” in common with the crewing company ” Univis LTD ” held a seminar for commanders

Today “Interorient Ship Management” is a major  shipowning company and is one of the leaders in the range of providing management shipping services. The company’s fleet has more than 100 ships and more than 2000 seafarers on board and on shore including managing vessels.

On September 21-22 the company «Interorient Ship Management» in assistance with crewing company «Univis LTD» held a seminar for officers in «Univis LTD» office.

The main aim of the seminars is to maintain awareness of the seafarers about the company and it’s vision of necessary adjustments in daily work on board of vessels.

More than 40 seafarers of «Interorient Ship Management» company and representatives of the company «Univis LTD» attended the seminar. Managing Director of «Univis LTD» – CaptainVladislav Surkov opened seminar and welcomed the guests and participants.

 The following representatives of «Interorient Ship Management» company were lead of the seminar as speakers:

• Steve Hardy – Group Marine Operator and Enviromental Manager

• Richard Schultze – Fleet Personal Manager

• Holger Schoenhoff – Technical Director

And also invited speaker:

• Alexander Schurov – Senior Surveyor

The most relevant topics such as management and leadership, safety, requirements for the carriage of goods incidents and technical problems, training and certification of command staff were discussed at the workshop. Seminars and conferences of the «Interorient Ship Management» company  is always accompanied by a presentation and discussion of each issue in order to engage the audience.

After the finishing of the workshop all participants of the seminar, representatives of «Interorient Ship Management» company and «Univis LTD» crewing company were invited to the social event.

«Univis LTD» is grateful to our partners  for the cooperation and the possibility of holding regular seminars.

We wish «Interorient Ship Management» and our seafarers success!