18 October

18-19 October: Interorient Fleet Officer Meeting

Interorient Fleet  Officers Meeting  was held on October 18-19.  It was attended by more than 50 sailors and representatives of the company “Univis LTD”. 

The representatives of the company “Interorient Ship Management” were lecturers of the seminar:

  • Shane Rozario – Company Training Officer, Fleet Personal Superintendent
  • Henrik Mueller – Marine Superintendent
  • Totyu Vasilev – Dry Fleet Manager
  • John Dolan – Deputy Director of Loss Prevention
  • Breff Hosking – Senior Claims Executive

The most relevant and important topics which were discussed:

  • Compas – Crew Self Service
  • Vessel Performance, BTW Update
  • Cargo Cleaning Guide and Technical Failures
  • P&L Cargo Claims

The  bowling game for all participants was great end of the seminar.