English courses


English for Seafarers

The Course is based on “Marlins English Language Course”

Since 2004 “Univis” Company has a status of Marlins approved test-centre in accordance with UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency requirements. Univis offers a training course for seafarers according to the International Safety Management and STCW Convention.
The course contains the two parts: Basic Level and Advanced Level.

Apart from receiving necessary level of knowledge, seafarers can improve/approve their professional knowledge with the help of tests and training programs, developed and offered by Univis and third-party developers.

Basic Level

It is mainly aimed at Ratings (Motormen, Sailors, Cooks and Stewards) with elementary knowledge of English. This part of the Course combines the detailed study of language theory and practical usage of English in maritime sphere. The Course consists of:

  1. Maritime spoken and written English.
  2. Listening of various texts on maritime subjects.
  3. Improving Grammar.
  4. Practicing and improving understanding of English.

There are 22 units of illustrated study course with an active usage of audio material for improving comprehension. During the course the following topics are discussed:

  • Self-introduction
  • Life on the ship
  • Description of onboard spaces
  • Safety equipment and its location, emergency commands
  • Directions
  • Actions in case of emergency, types of emergency
  • Equipment

The course lasts 80 hours (20 work days, 4 hours a day).

The training is conducted in a modern-equipped room with all necessary sources.

Advanced Level

It is aimed at Deck and Engine Officers with elementary and low-intermediate level of English.

The Course is based on professional terminology, including new and specific vocabulary that is necessary for performing responsibilities and requirements on a daily basis. This part of the Course offers:

  1. Listening specialized texts
  2. Reading
  3. Writing, with an accent on correctness of word order and usage of Tenses
  4. Increasing professional vocabulary and discussing work-related situations

The Course consists of 20 lessons (4 hours a day) and is based on Marlins English for Seafarers (Study Pack 2), computer program MarEng and the course of dialogues, describing onboard situations, as well as ship’s documents and technical literature. The Course contains the following topics:

  • Pre-joining briefing
  • Incident at sea and first aid
  • Piracy
  • Life-saving Equipment
  • Communication with the Company (e-mailing and telephoning)