General Principles

Our policy – is the compliance with all national and international standards which are ensured by meeting the requirements of:

  • The Maritime Labour Covention (MLC 2006)
  • Standard ISO 9001:2015
  • European data protection Directive (GDPR)
  • Company anti-corruption policy
  • Company Ethics Code
  • SMS of the Shipping Companies
Quality policy

Realizing that quality of the services provided is the main factor while choosing the partner for crewing services by a shipowner as well as ensuring good co-operating and development of business contracts, the Company determines quality assurance as the main element of its development.
All activities of the company are planned and performed on the basis of risk assessment. Risk based thinking and approach is a versatile tool for making decisions.
To achieve the set goal, management of the company identifies and meet the following tasks:
• studying, systematization and applying the best international practices and our own experience
• increasing awareness and conviction among all personnel in the necessity of using Quality System on a daily basis
• motivating of the staff to increase their professionalism and improve methods of their work
• creating all necessary conditions and providing all required resources in the workplace
• constant decreasing of the number of reclamations and complains to services provided by means of corrective actions

Proclaiming its commitment to this Policy in the sphere of quality , Management of the company guarantees that all services are provided in accordance with the current Quality System, based in ISO 9001:2015, and all requirements of the Maritime Labor Convention (MLC 2006) and national regulations are fulfilled.

Anti-bribery policy

Univis staff and the staff of all operated ventures related to Univis must comply with national and international legislation and regulations with regard to anti-bribery and anti-slavery policy.

Univis approach to dealing with the Seafarers is based on the core conventions of International Labor Organization as MLC 2006 and UN Guiding principles on business and human rights.

Univis staff must conduct their activities in line with Univis business principles and core values of honesty, integrity and respect with regard to Seafarers.

Univis does not and will not tolerate any case of bribery that constitutes the main principle of Univis policy with this regard and that is clearly brought to the attention of Univis staff for strict follow up.

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